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Table Tennis and Your Diet - Becoming a Lean Mean Hitting Machine

Balance. It is the first word out of any nutritionists lips. The problem is for most people balance is at different points. A balanced diet for a bodybuilder will be different than that for a professional cyclist. The key to a diet that is effective for table tennis is to work out where on the line the sport falls and what needs to be included in the diet to attain balance.

Firstly, we need to decide what table tennis is relative to life and to other sports. Immediately, you know that you are playing a sport. Therefore, you are more active than someone of a sedentary lifestyle. It is not a power sport such as sprinting or weightlifting, likewise, it is not an endurance sport such as marathon running or triathlons. At the professional level, however, the sport probably falls closer to 'endurance' than 'explosive' but Ma Long will tell you that an awful lot of explosivity is required.

The reason the definition is so vital is that it defines how much energy will be used…

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