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Irregular Drills, Positioning and Anticipation - Problems of the Intermediate Player

It is Christmas time! It has been a lengthy delay between this post and my last one. Various things have inhibited my time at the keyboard which means I need to make up for it in the New Year. On a personal note I got a few new table tennis bits and pieces. Firstly, I have got my new table tennis shoes. They are Adidas, who left the table tennis market a couple of years ago. I managed to track some down from the Netherlands and it is safe to say they were worth the effort. Please Adidas come back to table tennis! Alongside that I got some hilariously new short shorts, table tennis socks and a giant box of balls. Pretty successful Christmas overall!

So, on to the main post:

A Mixed Bag

The last month of table tennis was hard. It was a massive roller coaster which honestly had me considering quitting more than once. This was combined with some fairly problematic personal stuff which meant that I wasn't always turning up to table tennis psychologically prepared for what I had to do. I…

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