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One Year In - Lessons for the Beginner Table Tennis Player

After a little constructive criticism I thought I would end future blog posts with a brief summary and a few headers in the body to break up my spiel which may make it all a bit easier. Thanks to Anthony Zi Xian Zhao for highlighting it.

What is a Beginner?
When I came to the sport, I knew I was unlike other beginners. Firstly, most beginners will have played table tennis at least a bit before. They will have played it on holiday or have a table in the garage or have done it at school. They will also be young or old.That is because, both the young and the old have free time to experience new things, and both have the means to do so. I, as a guy in my mid-twenties, was not a quintessential beginner. Yet, the lessons I have learnt can apply to almost anyone trying anything new.

Tip 1: Be Prepared to Fail 
The first day I played table tennis I sucked. I lost and lost again. However, I knew that would happen and I was completely prepared for it. I was almost happy to lose as I just kept mes…

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